Igmpproxy for Redmi AX5

Hi all! I'm new to openwrt, linux etc... But I've bought Redmi AX5 (it runs openwrt from the box) and realised there is no support for IPTV. After getting ssh access I've checked, there are multicast and working igmp, but without igmpproxy it's useless. I've tried to build igmpproxy from source, but there is no 'make' in firmware and I can't install it because opkg trying to download it from missing openwrt repositories... I've tried to install igmpproxy from different repositories, but always get error with different architecture, all manuals says that it has Cortex-A53, but I getting the same error if installing from A53 repo... How can I build igmpproxy for this router?

No, it doesn't. It's running Xiaomi's OEM firmware, which in turn is a heavily modified Qualcomm QSDK for IPQ60xx (a SOC which currently doesn't have any support in OpenWrt), which in turn is a heavily modified derivative of ~Chaos Calmer from half a decade ago, with the most crucial bits and pieces (kernel, wireless drivers, etc.) replaced. The result has little in common with OpenWrt, most of all no one of us even knows what has been changed.

Your device is not related to a supported device or an officially released OpenWrt version, it is unlikely that you will receive useful input here.

Please seek advice from Xiaomi and its support channels.

Thank you for answer! Sad to hear that :frowning: But may be I can build igmpproxy for this router by myself?

@slh : Interesting information about Qualcomm QSDK for IPQ60xx and its Chaos Chalmer inheritance (woah, that's an old fork...). I'd like to get some more info. Would you have any source or link about it?

I guess also that some people have tried to get the source for it, being GPL (and that nobody succeed in it, as usual with Chinese companies ???)...

[Edit] I should have searched in the forum first. Plenty of links there, like Adding OpenWrt support for Xiaomi AX3600