IPTV no streaming on access point

I have a question, I tried to connect my tv device with the WIFI AP via lan. Internet was working but no live tv stream.

Something to do with ttl of multicast stream?

My setup is

openwrt > switch >         WIFI AP      >  WIFI AP
               |______cable______|            |

I tried to connect tv device with 2nd WIFI AP and no live stream

right now, tv device is connected with switch, internet and live stream is working.

and one more thing when I connect my tv device via WIFI, internet refuse to work and I get error on the browser connection refused and also no tv stream.

Its my understanding that iptv uses vlans. Vlans don’t go over wifi. Since it also doesn’t work when cabled through the ap then the on board switch may be stripping the vlan tags. If the aps are openwrt then you can configure vlans to pass through.

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it was used to work with WIFI, I don't know what settings were changed.
and also, why internet refuse to work on WIFI for tv device. When I try to browse, it says connection refused.

What are these 'Wifi APs' ?
What type of 'switch' ?

Have you enabled DHCP server on the dumb APs by mistake?

When TV is connected to a wifi-AP, what is the IP address, gateway and DNS in its Network settings menu of the TV, and are they the values supplied by OpenWrt router if you are operating dumb APs?

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dumb APs
one is from tplink and one is from mi

easy smart switch from tplink


with wired connection for tv, it is configured with static IP outside the DHCP range.
with wireless connection, it gets IP from DHCP
and yes, it is supplied by Openwrt router.

wired device information
ip address
default gateway
dns address
backup dns address 
Ethernet mac address **********

wireless device information
ip address
default gateway
dns address
backup dns address 
WIFI mac address **********

can't really offer too much help here... don't have an iptv but these links may be of use / add info to the mix...

they still don't really explain the network loss of connectivity...

my understanding is that when you plug the ip-tv directly to the switch there are no problems (sort of excludes the vlan style setup) ... ( what was the name of that package you needed on the router for that? )...

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Can you go back to basics?

ie. wire one dumb AP direct to the Openwrt router. Remove the smart switch too. See if your TV behaves any better when using wifi ?


I connected dumb AP directly with openwrt but still TV only works when connected via Lan and not on WIFI
same issue on wifi with TV and internet.

I presume you tried both APs, and is the AP in the same room as the TV?

I wonder whether TV is faulty?

Has the TV ever worked previously using wifi ?

If yes, what what previous LAN & wifi setup ?

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Hey there,

regarding to this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEKqzyryHFQ multicast might indeed be the bottleneck for you stream when using WiFi. But unfortunately I am also clueless on hoe to solve the issue.
Would be nice if you let us know how you solved it in the end.

Regarding to his previous video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4TDMQPLqQo IGMP Snooping ( or using Unicast ) would solve it. But he is also talking about enterprise grade hardware that is needed to achieve that - whatever he means with that.

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I tried the spare one. very old tplink now ddwrt
now I am going to test with both APs
tried both AP, same issue :frowning:

it's an iptv device

yes, it used to work on WIFI

with my old tplink router later converted to openwrt

since then, ISP has also changed settings and upgraded the software for the tv device maybe that's the issue now?

thank you for sharing this channel :+1:

Igmpproxy for Redmi AX5 - For Developers - OpenWrt Forum

it's a problem with mi routers
becuase they dont support igmp
so, if you have mi redmi or xiaomi router in your network, igmp not going to work on lan.

this is the reason iptv is not working even when connected via ethernet cable to AP

the issue of IPTV not working on WIFI is still there.
even when it is directly connected with openwrt wifi station.