IGMP Snooping and DSA

How would I create a configuration of 1 vlan per port (untagged) and a bridge that tags these vlans using the DSA-config-style?
The Bug in the MT7530-chip with igmp snooping is hardware related, so one will experience it independent from the software version, right?
With 21.02.0 (rc4 and later) one must use DSA, so I'm looking for a workaround to get IGMP Snooping working on the integrated switch.

Multicast snooping will work perfectly out-of-the-box on DSA.

The real problem on swconfig is that the CPU does not know which port a packet is from, and has no access to the switch FDB.

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Thanks for your reply. Does this really apply to the MT7530 Switch Chip which has broken IGMP-snooping in hardware?

Well... Have you taken a look at its datasheet?
The reason why it was not working before is just the swconfig driver does not (and can not perfectly) implement IGMP snooping.

The earlier version (kernel 5.12 or earlier) of MT7530 DSA driver just forwards all multicast traffic to the CPU, so it works like the swconfig with multiple VLANs. The current mainline version programs MT7530's FDB to filter multicast traffic so the CPU won't have to forward them, but even then the IGMP snooping in hardware is not actually used.

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