IFWA-40 Terrible Error!

Good morning,
as i stated in the topic i have made a terrible error in flashing my IFWA-40, i have overwritten the bootloader. i need help in identifying JTAG connection. the ifwa40 is based on ipq4018/19 soc. serial console is black at the moment after overwriting the bootloader. help please!


how is this openwrt related ?

i was trying to install openwrt, the modem is loading initramfs system based on jalapegno, but when i was flashing i mistyped the starting address.
and now it is briked, i need help to rewrite UBOOT

I'm guessing you'll need a dump of uboot 1st ...?

I already have it!, I alway make copy first

This one ? Support for Netcomm/ ZTE IFWA-40 - For Developers - OpenWrt Forum

The PCB lacks any likely candidates for JTAG pinout, especially because lack of high res photos. The ones that look like most test pads in a row, lacks in number of pads. If You really want to search for them You best bet would be de-soldering main SoC and trace the pins. Simpler approach would be de-soldering SPI flash memory and programming in external programmer (they are very cheap). Look at FCC photos page 30 out of 44, the SPI chip is the one in WSON package with orange dot.

For future, always experiment with loading system from initramfs image, which will leave no traces on flash memory and after You've got every feature working, then consider writing flash (after figuring out all offsets on it).

Thank you very much for the tips, I will definitely do that, I’ll keep you posted for development

Little update here.
I have studied the fcc report, but at the moment I do not have the tools to desolder the rf shield and the nand, I will do that in the future. Studying the fcc report this header in the pics below looks like isp port with only 3 pin plus gnd somewhere. The square when the system is on is at 3v3, the other two does not have any voltages.we cannot trace the connections because the board is multilayered. From what I see from fcc report looks like the one just next to the square should be connected to DI and the other one to the clk.

Next month I will be home and I can try to program it and see the results

I was thinking about these testing pads:

but as said, they lack in number. Maybe the rest is scattered around the PCB.

you are right, there is no markings,. those pins remind me about some connection for Xilinx programmer used in the SAT scene in the old days, ised to flash Phlips satellite set top boxes. i will do some more research. as soon as i will have the possibilities i will desolder the shield and check phisical connections. at that point i can also desolder the flash chip and rprogram it. what i can also do is change the flash with one with more storage capacity, as the second one ised to accomodate an extra nand does not have the electronics, as per FCC report. more to follow.