Ifup wan PPPOE redial IP switching problem!

In the past, local operators used PPPoE to automatically redial and switch IP in about 7 days, or use ifup wan to do PPPOE dial-up IP by themselves. The PPPoE where you are now is online within a month and ifup wan is used for PPPOE dial-up IP during this period of time, the same is true even if you execute ifdown wan first and then ifup wan after half an hour, but if you restart the route during this time period Or /etc/init.d/network restart is likely to get a new IP. I don’t know what is the reason. Will ifup keep the previous IP or if the session has been kept, it just disconnected the link (I see the log is Send a disconnection instruction); In addition, is the ip assigned by PPPoe a client MAC/SESSION ID/ or is it bound to an account?

On a PPPOE connection, the IP address is issued by the server, so it's your ISP who decides how to assign them, and nobody else.


PPPoE IP switching time and session period should really be determined by the ISP server. I just find it strange that, logically speaking, the same time period should be the same whether I restart the device or redial. But in fact, if I restart the device or execute /etc/init.d/network restart, it is possible to get the new IP again, so I feel that the ifdown and ifup commands are not completely executed. PPPD

ifstatus wan | grep uptime; ifdown wan; sleep 5; ifup wan; sleep 5; ifstatus wan | grep uptime


Thank you, after ifdown wan is executed, wait for 30 minutes or more and ifup wan results are still the same, I am a little confused whether pppd did not send a complete disconnection or dial-up packet during the execution of ifdown or ifup, or Are there any parameters missing

Did the uptime change?

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