Ideas for the LuCI-app-ACL

I've just flashed a new build of v19.07.2 and noticed there was a new LuCI-app so I thought I'd try it. I like the whole idea allowing other people other than the main admin (root account access) to access certain LuCI apps.

Now this is slightly unrelated but I've had this idea lingering around for a while but it's related to permissions and users accounts so please hear me out.

There are various web services you can install on Linux or more specifically OpenWrt such as an FTP server like vsftpd, SAMBA for LAN shares, Webdav etc. Most of these packages require setting up users and groups without a web-GUI such as LuCI, therefore CLI is required to achieve this. Usually once the users have been setup next is to make the directories using the chown and chmod command.

My question is, can creating/modifying accounts, groups and passwords be implemented from this new LuCI app for a future release? As a side note and definitely unrelated, if my idea was to be implemented, could someone design a LuCI-app for vsftpd because this would tie in very well setting up users/groups.

Many thanks in advance.