I want to find a router with mini pcie port, can anyone recommend me?

I'm looking to make a compact, NAS-based storage system, my idea is to use a router with a mini pcie converted to sata (may require additional converter). I don't know what kind of router on the market has pcie and good support for openwrt.
Hope anyone can suggest.
Thanks everyone.

A small PC. Use the x86_64 image.

The board you have pictured is excellent. It's a Banana PI BPI-R64. I have two of them. It has two mPCIe ports. The built-in SATA works well, though you have to chose between the SATA and one of the mPCIe ports. I use it as a NAS myself, though not with SATA.

You have to do a little assembly with Banana PI's stuff. You can buy them and part them together or get them as complete kits (board, case, antennae, pigtails, power supply, sometimes heatsinks)

Banana PI has three boards that would work:

  • BPI-R2 (do NOT get the R2-PRO) based on Mediatek MT7623, 1 x mPCIe plus SATA, USB3
  • BPI-R64 based on Mediatek MT7622, 2 x mPCIe or 1 x mPCIe plus SATA, USB3
  • BPI-R3 based on MEdiatek MT7986 (Filogoc 830), 1 x m.2 M-key PCIe, USB3

Do you intend for WiFi connectivity or ethernet?

If you're going to convert the PCIe to SATA, why not get a router with sata port(s) ?

Or are you planning to use non spinning storage?
Or USB3 to SATA converters?

I know about Banana, but their price is quite expensive, so I got the idea to use a regular wifi router like tp-link, xiaomi...

Thanks for your advice, but most routers only support one usb and I don't want to use an extra hub. I think mpcie will give better speed

Turris Omnia? It comes with 3 mPCIe, one of which is capable of msata as well, so you can install SSD there.