I want to configure a standby DHCP server

I hope this DHCP server only works when the primary DHCP server fails. I have an openwrt running in the virtual machine as the primary DHCP, but sometimes I need to reinstall the system for the host of this virtual machine. At this time, I have to temporarily use my AP as the gateway. Will authoritative DHCP settings be useful?

  • It seems ISC DHCPd can handle primary/standby. The package does exist in the OpenWrt repository. You don't mention if the AP runs OpenWrt too.
  • There's other methods as well.


  • It depends on what your intention is.
  • Does the network numbering or gateway IP change?
    • If so, for which clients needing access while the host is down?

Also see:

Basically I installed openwrt for a MT7621 router and used it as an AP.
My needs seem to be to have my network highly available and redundant.

I checked, let the network have high availability, the solution provided by openwrt seems to be keepalived? Does it fit my scenario?