I Want This Infomation.........HELP


Now......Boot..........This IP Infomation .....Not display..

i wnat this Infomation Show me...

Help me..PLZ..

Post the contents of your "/etc/config/network", please.

Do I have to show my IP settings to use this feature?

I'm just curious about the settings to enable the feature.

  • Post the contents of your "/etc/config/network", please.
  • Please confirm that you're running OpenWrt, what version, etc.

I've never seen that in an OpenWrt boot log.

You can run ifconfig (old way) or ip addr show (new way) to see your IP addresses.

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This File Used....
In VMware 12

/etc/config/network is....


That is an old version. You should be using 18.06.1.

Please state whatever is your question clearly, in the form of a question.

18.06.1 is same.......

Not Display.....
Another Setup Pkg?

This is not displayed in 18.06.1. If you're asking about a package, I don't know of one.

Perhaps this can be compiled into an image. Perhaps you should ask in the For Developers section.

Please use complete sentences to ask your questions, it's difficult to understand what you're asking.

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i am sorry ..
i can't speaking well English...sorry....