I want help about bridging and repeating

Hey guys, Newbie here.
I have a Linksys wrt1900ac router with dead wirless ( Meaning it's signal strength is too low, For it to even connect i have to stay close to the router, It's the same on Stock too.)
I bridged my Linksys router with a Wireless AP (Dumb AP). It is working fine.
Now I wanna add another router as a repeater because signals don't reach the second floor properly.
So I want to configure it like this
Third router repeating AP's signal (Second router/Dumb AP)

Linksys >> Dumb AP >> Repeater

Sorry for my English.

All three routers I am using are running OpenWRT.
1st one Linksys WRT1900AC is the Main ROUTER (OpenWRT version latest)
2nd Xiaomi 4A MIR4A which is the dumb AP currently bridged. (openWRT version 19.7)
3rd TP-LINK wr840n for wireless repeating.(Last supported OpenWRT)

Connect the 3rd router to the AP by using the scan function:

Login to the 3rd TP-LINK wr840n and go to: network>wireless>scan

If it is a 5Ghz AP then scan using the 5Ghz radio scan button.
If it is a 2Ghz AP then scan using the 2Ghz radio scan button.

Select your AP off the list and plug in your password.

I did, Still doesn't provide internet to the devices connected to the third router.

Now login to the 3rd TP-LINK wr840n and verify you have internet access via the LAN and make a new AP.

I am not sure if you can copy the original AP and password for the repeated AP or if you have to make a new AP with a different name and password. I know the second option works. Anyone else can advise?


I don't have internet access via tha LAN too.

You should be able to get internet access once connected as a client via the 3rd TP-LINK wr840n's LAN ports.

Can client devices get internet access off the original AP? Try rebooting everything?

Yes my phone and my laptop can access the internet via the Dumb AP easily. But can't seem to access internet through 3rd router's LAN/AP And I have tried rebooting everything.

Do a factory reset on the 3rd TP-LINK wr840n and try again?

Iirc I just factory reset it this morning and then started the configuration. I'll try resetting it again and will report back.
In the meantime should I post my /etc/config/network & wireless?

I think the repeated AP has to use a different LAN subnet than the original. Try that.

Dumb AP is using subnet
And the third router should be using

if router 3 will not nat, you need wds ap on the second router and wds sta on the 3 router.
if router 3 will nat, working on another subnet, set dns for your wwan interface something like or

Sorry, i am a total newb, I don't know what NAT is?

for now will be easy for you:
change lan ip of the 3 router
scan and connect
nat= network address translation

Ap and client should be WDS?
AP Of 2nd router
And client of third?

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Dumb ap, Second router is on subnet with a gateway of Main router)
So third router should be or

this way should be, disable dhcp.
the wwan interface should be in lan firewall zone.
also on the secon router, you have wds ap, create another essid on the same radio, just plain ap, if you need that.

And the client should be in which interface? Lan or wan?

the wwan interface should be in lan firewall zone
green light, non red, lol