I want an YT adblocker

I want an ad blocker that also blocks YouTube ads on everything including on Android tv

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Good for you, write one.

I want a goose who lays golden eggs.
Should we start a club for people who aren't getting what they want?
We can have a secret handshake and all...

YT ads are hard to block on DNS level.


Alright that's the problem what's the solution?

Money and time, lots of it.

Or stay away from YT, that will save you the money and probably 2x the time.

Problem is YT ads can only be identified by analyzing the whole URL. So you need to analyze the traffic in real time, by feeding it through a proxy.

Buy youtube premium - legit content costs money.


Better than my solutions, will only require the $, but not the time :slight_smile:

no id prefer to have that money for something else

Then you should probably try to embrace the ads :slight_smile:

There's no such thing as a free lunch...


Solution: Do not use the Youtube app. Install a browser plugin for ad blocking and watch Youtube videos only with browsers that can do ad blocking via plugin.

Works for me since 10 years or so. I never see ads on Youtube.


use ublock origin work for me very well :slight_smile:


Fully agree with Firefox and uBlock origin solution

But for people prefer apps there is NewPipe https://newpipe.net/

Then we will, eventually, need a temple and rituals...

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adguard has a free browser add-on that blocks both YouTube and Facebook.

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