I use redsocks and want hide ip wan

I live in VN and use redsocks. But ip wan( public IP address) show ip VN.
Please help me hide ip vn. Thanks

That's a public web page?
How should openwrt control its content?


No. That website check webrtc.
It only in my router. Can you help me please?

Do you have a vpn endpoint like a commercial vpn provider?

I have nordvpn. Can i do like router connect via VPN ? And use redsocks socks5 for client?
Thank you so much for your help.

Redsocks only proxies TCP. It's not going to redirect RTP. Disable WebRTC in your browser to prevent WebRTC leak.

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You may want to use Wireguard or OpenVPN (Wireguard recommended if Nord supports it).

Thank you so much. Do you have docs about that?

Search is your friend:

Additional searches are your friends too

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