I think I may have bricked my router

Hey all,

I was attempting to flash OpenWRT onto my MX60W and in the process I was cleaning out storage and in my stupidity ran from env "nand erase clean 1"
Now from the partition list that was the panic partition. Now when I try and boot the device I get 3 lights permanently and the serial output is 1 unicode character and thats it...
How badly have I screwed up?

Edit: Reset Button does nothing. All I want is to wipe all I need too so I can install lastest known good OpenWRT

sounds bad did you have a backup of your ART "calibration data" ?
if so maybe you can reprogram the flash
with in circuit tools or by removing the flash chip
i would put this down to lesson learned the hard way

If my response is "whats that?" then I assume the worst. I did take a SS of the bdinfo but I suspect that isnt the same thing

I don't know the board or the command
but if it's not booting not seen via serial anyway it's bad
even if you get the boot loader flashed back
I'd imagine you have lost your radio's calibration data
this can only be recalibrated at the factory

Given that NAND is involved (and the loss of ART), it's game over anyways.