I think I bricked a Ubiquiti Nanostation M2

I am unable to ping my device at either the ubiquiti or openwrt default addresses. (,

I installed [openwrt-19.07.3-ath79-generic-ubnt_nanostation-m-squashfs-factory.bin and than I installed back XM.v5.5.11.28002.150723.1344.bin through openwrt... Now I am not able to use it.
Please help..


Unbricking procedures are on the Wiki page at the link above (and BTW, the proper procedure for reverting to stock is listed there too - directly above the unbrick instructions).

"connect the POE side of the POE adapter into the Bullet M2 (or any other AirMax device)." So I have one bricked Nanostation M2 32MB SDRAM, 8MB Flash and some old Nanostation M2 4MB FLASH / 32MB RAM. Will it be fine ?I don't quite understand how should it be connected.

Sorry, I don't own the device. Are you saying the instructions are incorrect?

Step 7 is after cables have been connected, so I don't follow your statement.

Will what be fine?

(I thought your device was bricked rite now.)

Yes my device is bricked so I am in point 1. I've just read next steps and I do not fully understand step 7.

You mean applying power to your device?

(That's Step 7, unless I don't read correctly.)

I mean "Connect the POE side of the POE adapter into the Bullet M2 (or any other AirMax device)."
so this is only example Bullet M2 ? in my case I have Nanostation M2

Please check my settings and correct me if anything is wrong...

I am not sure how to set it up via putty


If you need more details, you will have to locate the person who placed the instructions on the Wiki; or someone who has the device. Applying power to the device doesn't seem confusing to me; so I'm unsure how to answer. Hope this helps.

ok so now I understand it means only to apply power. What about my settings ?


You don't show what's needed to determine that (you photographed the board at an angle hiding the labels behind cables).

You set it up according to Step 3 (which your pic doesn't fully show; but the settings listed on the Wiki are common serial defaults anyway).

(Are you saying you're unfamiliar with serial cabling?)


  • TX <> RX
  • RX <> TX
  • Ground/Earth <> Ground/Earth

Also, please refrain from editing previous posts to add additional information, it makes the thread difficult to follow.

Also, in order to understand FULLY and assist you, I hope you've listed list ALL Steps you have an issue with (because now you're stating you have questions about Steps 2 and 3, in addition to Step 7).

I have successfully unbricked my Nanostation M2 :slight_smile: and now my question is what is the right way to install stock firmware on Nastation M2 over openwrt ? I would like to avoid this instruction next time...

:confused: Again, as noted in Post No. 2:

Please read the instructions carefully as not to brick your device again.

which instructions should I read carefully ?I am completely a newbie.
I think the new tutorial should be written how to do it for a completely newbie like me. The Youtube tutorial would be great. Step by step as for a idiot.

:open_mouth: The instructions that tell you how to install "stock firmware":


Feel free to edit the Wiki yourself at your earliest convenience (you own the device)...but I'm not sure how the phrase "stock firmware" can be edited to be more clearer...given you used the same phrase... :thinking:

anyway thank you for your support. You are awesome!!

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