I read the sticky, got 1GBit service, router/vpn giving 3% of that, is this openvpns fault?

Router: Netgear R7000, DDWRT.

My vpn provider explained that openvpn, being cpu based, is super slow due to routers having weak cpu's, and to use wireguard if i can which is hardware accelerated and only available with openwrt. The problem is openwrt doesnt support wifi on this hardware (https://openwrt.org/toh/netgear/r7000) due to broadcom chip.

Would wireguard bypass the weak cpus of routers if i were to find a compatible one, and give me much more than 3% of my advertised bandwidth (getting 3MB/s max download on advertised 100MB/s).

I am considering the teltonika RUTX10 router mentioned in the gigabit sticky, whose firmware is based on openwrt, and hardware is supposedly capable of handling 1Gbit.

Any VPN is CPU intensive, the higher your subscribed WAN speed, the higher the demands. Yes, OpenVPN is particularly CPU intensive due to its design (copying data back- and forth between user space and kernel takes its toll here, while OpenVPN upstream is working on kernel support, it's not quite there for prime time, yet). IPsec and wireguard with their in-kernel design do have a significant advantage here (wireguard, due to the selected ciphers, even more so than IPsec), but they still require a fast router CPU towards the higher end of the WAN speed spectrum.

It is certainly not able to route 1 GBit/s (more like 300 MBit/s, give or take), before even thinking about running a VPN on top.

Might want to expand your horizons unless the considered router is Free.

Filtered to the stated teltonika..

last update old.

Suggest doing a sequential search here on the vpn service provider to see what other user's issues or success are. Ie. how easy it is to plug in the configs.

Thanks for all the replies, and the link, i suppose the teltonika isnt what im looking for, there doesnt appear to be anything in that link that can even come close to 1gbit on a vpn. There was a mention in another thread a few months old that a raspberry pi 400 can be wired to a managed switch and achieve these (non-vpn) speeds. If anyone knows how someone not too versed in networking would go about finding the correct switches and how to set this up it would help alot.

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