I opened up a new router (Sagemcom F5370e), now what?


I've been using OpenWRT for my TP-Links etc, but now I got a new WIFI router from my ISP (Telia).
Now, I'm not sure if there is any compatible OpenWRT firmware to use for this router since I can't find it on the Wiki. It's labeled "Telia WiFi router F@st 5370e by Sagemcom". The motherboard says it's a F5370 V3.2.

So I have opened it up and removed all things covering the chipsets. I took photos of the chips and of the board.
The router got 5 gigabit ethernet ports (4xLAN, 1xWAN), USB and RJ11 for IP phone.

Conclusion about the 5370e router:

Any idea if this one is supported in any version of OpenWRT - if so which one?
And if not, what can I do to make it happen?

Actually I found this chipset here: http://en.techinfodepot.shoutwiki.com.
The main chip is also used in Zyxel EMG3415-B10A, Actiontec C3000A and Technicolor MBHA10VWQ.

Also the Deviwiki is not working. Where do I upload all the information about this router (incl photos)?

Can anyone please direct me to the right forum?

You wont get wifi on openwrt, dd-wrt not likely, so it can be used only on stock firmware as router or dumb ap, nat performance and wifi is very nice.

I don't really care about the WIFI, but since it got a nice CPU etc it would be great to use as a router.

hello i am intrested in this aswell