I need to Mount hdd from AP Router to Main router with OpenWrt


Little info are coming here.

Netgear R6220 ( Openwrt, Router 1)
1 USB 2.0 (Exroot 8GB Usbstick)

Netgear WNDR4500 (AP Mode, Router 2)
Only Connect with wire from Router 1.
Have Netgear Firmware.
Its in AP Mode
2 usb 3.0 ( 1 ssd 240Gb)
Can find shareReady HDD from everywhere but not Router 1.

Så my Questions is
How can I get the hdd to have a Mount Point in Router 1. ?
Is it better and can I setup the Router 1 to act like 1 Router instead of be a AP ? The only thing am interesting in Router 2 is the 2 USB port 3.0.

Have you installed the packages required for mounting remote file systems?