I need openwrt for d-link dsl-225 The money will be sent for the project

i need openwrt for d-link dsl-225 The money will be sent for the project

That's a broadcom unit, I don't think it can run OpenWrt

Yes the 63381 would be a completely new SoC for OpenWrt, which would require considerable work.

There's never support for the DSL function, the wifi is 2.4 GHz only-- with a Broadcom chip, the Ethernet ports are 10/100, the CPU core is likely 400 MHz single core MIPS. There's nothing exciting about this model.

I don't want DSL
I want to run pppoe over ethr 3 {wan}

Keep the money, and buy a new router.


I have 300 routers

Use the money to buy a new router that already supports OpenWRT.

And DSL uses... Wait for it....


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I'm guessing these 300 units were retrieved and decommissioned by an ISP as customers switched from DSL to FTTH. As the other thing that uses pppoe is fiber, but the CPU and the ethernet ports aren't capable of fiber speed.


Kind of right
But not Viber
va Mikrotik to homes

I think you will have much better luck if you ask to DD-Wrt project. They support well the Broadcomm devices as they can use proprietary drivers and SDK. They are an actual businness so they will probably be interested to work for you if you pay them. https://dd-wrt.com/


Thanks sir

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