I need help setting up multiple VPNs on my network

Hello Goodnight,
I had to reset my router to Openwrt factory settings.
Now I want to rejoin my mobile with my router using Wireguard. I think I do everything I have to do, but I still can't get Handshake.
I would appreciate if someone could help me find the bug, my knowledge does not give me, and I followed this guide, http: //chrisbuchan.co.uk/computing/wireguard-setup-openwrt/, but for some small detail, I can't.
I have my home network set up as follows.
FritzBox Kable 6591 with native operating system and then FritzBox 4040 with Openwrt.

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There is an official and tested guide for wg server. Make sure you apply it on a clean installation.


Did you, by any chance, create new keys for wireguard "server", running on the router after reset to factory settings, but didn't update them on your phone?

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I followed the steps in this guide, https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/services/vpn/wireguard/server, I do it by ssh, but I still can't get it to work. I think I do not put the DNS-Server of the wireguard app correctly, but I tried with everything I know

I don't think it's because of that. and installed wireguard from scratch with new keys. I did everything as they put in the guides and how I knew how to do again that I had it working

I personally recommend to perform the initial server setup using the automated script:

It generates client profiles which can be easily imported on mobile and desktop clients.
It has been tested on the latest OpenWrt release and appears to work pretty well.


It seems that at the moment the wireguard connection works with my mobile, but the following problem has arisen. I hope I can explain myself well.
I also have OpenVpn installed in which I have an .ovpn file, this to interface tun0. Routing there ip individually Vpn Policy Routing. It turns out that since I installed Wireguard, now when I route there some IP, it does not have internet and before if it worked for me, but only if I had to put a Gloogle DNS on the device I was routing.
I don't know if I was able to explain myself well, I'm sorry in advance, but I don't speak English and my computer skills are terribly poor

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This information, https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/services/vpn/wireguard/extras#automated, has been of great help to me. Not just the Automated Script thing. But the Automated Script thing is fine.
Good advice, Vgaetera.

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It sounds like you should disable gateway redirection in the OpenVPN client config:

pull-filter ignore redirect-gateway

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