I need a package

I just installed LEDE on my router for the first time. The list of packages is a bit overwhelming. I am looking for a package that will allow me to monitor and throttle traffic on my network. The devils at comcast keep hitting me for going over the 1tb data cap. I dont trust the scumbags and would like my own traffic numbers to keep as much money as possible out of their evil corporate pockets.

Thank you for your help.

See Set monthly quota

Thank you, that will help prevent hitting the cap. Is there a way to see how much data each device on the network is using per month so I can find the data hog?

See wrtbwmon...

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You could also consider YAMON - YAMon - per user & per device usage monitoring

This does a good job of showing who's using the bandwidth on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis. It does not throttle anyone, though