I hope to add a hardware section

I hope to add a hardware section and establish a forum section based on the hardware type.

There is already a hardware section of the forum:

Perhaps you can elaborate on your request and why you believe it is useful?

Setting up sub sections based on hardware type or hardware model can solve problems more quickly and effectively. It is easier to archive issues of the same hardware or type, making it easier for later generations to query.

I have a mips router [Youku L1] and encountered a problem with Miniupnpd not working properly. Miniupnpd version numbers higher than 2.0 cannot work properly. The restart function cannot function properly and will enter a panic state [crash state]. It is necessary to plug and unplug the power supply in order to start normally.

I'm not sure that adding a target-based hardware section will be any better in terms of solving these types of issues. Here's why...

  • You have described a problem with a single device and you haven't mentioned experiments to indicate that this is a problem with other/different MIPS based devices. If you don't have other MIPS devices, how can we conclude that it is a MIPS problem at this point?
  • Likewise, you haven't described testing this situation (duplicating the configuration to the greatest extent possible) on a non-MIPS device to indicate that it may be target specific.
  • Sure, you could ask if others are experiencing this problem in a MIPS specific section, but what if the problem is actually Miniupnpd in general and not MIPS related. In that case, your targeted question might not get any responses because others with the same problem on different targets might not see your post (and if they did, the target specific subsection might become 'contaminated' with discussions about other targets).
  • And if it turns out to be affecting more than one target (or maybe even all), this might dilute the responses and slow the process of identifying a general problem.
  • We also cannot conclude from what you have described that it is not a configuration related issue or a clash with some other package(s)... this could be down to your very specific situation rather than a unique target problem or a generic/global issue with the package.

Instead, the best way to approach these things is usually to open a topic in the "installing and using" section (or the developers section if you have very detailed logs) about the miniupnpd issue you're experiencing and include all the relevant info -- including your platform info (ubus call system board) as well as all the configuration details and non-default packages you've installed. Plus, if there are logs that you can capture, that may also reveal useful info.