I have old wiki account and i want to contribute

I like to change and add luci-app developement dokumentation on openwrt.org.
Is there a new ruleset how to contribute. In the past, years ago i just did what i thought is right.
I am not a lua developer nor i am a dedicated programmer. I would just contribute my findings on the way to make my app working.

I miss several informations for example:
about the acl-json
set the cbi class parameter

as well a simple link collection pointing to:


BUT i dont want to make things confusing or just tell wrong asumptions.
Anyone out here want to give it a look from time to time to correct or aid me on the way?

Should i find a way how to structure the new wikipages, together with you?

I think a about restructure the https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-developer/luci
make it a landingpage for the luci cbi lua.
Do we have a

How To Contribute

and i am just blind and overlook it?

Best regards elais

Side panel > Contributing > Contributing to wiki:

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