I have 7 D-Link DGS-1210-28P switches, with different revisions and f/w versions

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if I could install OpenWRT onto my D-Link DGS-1210-28P switches? Some have F1 Revision with f/w version 6.10.007, others are C1 Revision with f/w version 4.00.043.

I also just bought a DGS-1210-10P switch, F1 Revision with f/w version 6.10.007, is it compatible?

I'm new to flashing OpenWRT onto switches, I've looked through the documentation and am still unsure. I would really appreciate the help!

It appears that F1, F2, and newer are supported. The C1 is not.

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Hi! Thanks for your response! This works with the 28P version?

The F1 and newer revision use the Realtek Switch SOC (RTL8382M) while the C revision uses an unsupported Broadcom Switch SOC. The DGS-1210-28 Rev F and newer and the DGS-1210-28MP Rev F and newer have support. There is not currently support for the DGS-1210-28P.


Dang, guess I'm just going to sell all these off on eBay then lol

I just bought a different model off eBay:
DGS-1210-10P switch, F1 Revision with f/w version 6.10.007

^ Is it supported? And I suppose I can't flash from the GUI either right?

@RaylynnKnight - in a previous post, you said that the 28 and 28P are the same except for the power supply size and PoE.

Is this not the case? Or would the firmware for the 28 work but without the ability to use PoE?

There is a difference in the image magic, so not directly supported. Answering @jebus the DGS-1210-10P Revision F1 is supported. I will try to get a pull request sometime over the next couple of weeks that adds support for the 2 other unsupported D-Link switches I have that are not currently supported DGS-1210-28P as above and the DGS-1210-10 non-PoE.


I seem to recall that OEM web UI install was fixed at some point, but it has been too long since I last worked on it so it could be one of the other vendor switches I'm thinking about.

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Flashing OpenWRT from the OEM web UI possible for my DGS-1210-10P?

I seem to recall that it was fixed, but I would have to try it to confirm.

Commit message for the DGS-1210-28MP seems to indicate that the OEM web UI install was fixed. Will test with DGS-1210-28P sometime this weekend as I'm creating a pull request to merge support and will need to test.

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Awesome! Thank you!

Any updates?

Were you able to test the OEM web UI install on a DGS-1210-28P?

Sorry my device is currently buried beneath a stack of other switches and I haven't had time to retrieve it.

No worries, I'm wondering though, does it take a lot of work to port this? I could possibly do it myself

It should be relatively easy as the DGS-1210-28 and DGS-1210-28MP are already supported. The DTS should be almost exactly a copy of the DGS-1210-28MP. The only difference I'm aware of between DGS-1210-28P and DGS-1210-28MP is the 193W vs 370W PoE budget.

any news on this?

I plan on starting to add some additional device support to OpenWrt in July as I should be finished with my current project updating the Table Of Hardware by then. I'll look at adding support for the D-Link switches I have that don't currently have support. Easiest should be the DGS-1210-28P as it should only be the PoE budget that is different.

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