I don't know how to edit script

Hello everyone, I'm from Brazil, I want to learn how to edit the Qosfy script, but whenever I give a command in powershell I saw /etc/config/qos and I edit it apart from 'i' then I save it with ':w' and it came out with ':wq', and then I go to rest qosfy, nothing happens with the changes I made, could someone give me ways to learn to edit script

presumably you ssh'd into your router and then used the vi text editor.
So, if the issue is your understanding of vi, you can read up on it. Or, you can always install another editor like nano. And there are other methods.


If you have a Windows PC, you could use WinSCP to edit files.

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or install nano, still command-line based, but much easier than vi

opkg update && opkg install nano

than instad of vi [filename] use nano [filename]

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thank you friend, what happened to me I had already seen
when I give the command in ssh 'vi /etc/config/sqm' it shows me this

config queue 'br-lan'
option interface 'lan1'
option download '10000'
option upload '10000'
option enabled '1'

and when I modify and save ':w' and then I give the command ':wq' and then restart, nothing happens in the speed tests.

I'm not an expert in SQM related things, but what do you mean "nothing happens"? What exactly are you trying to achieve? And what are your internet speeds (upload/download)?

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when I make changes and my internet is 500mb down and 230mb up, where I change to 100mb down and 100mb down, when I save all these settings and do an internet speed test, it shows me the 500mb down and 250mb from above. It's worth remembering that whenever I make these changes I reset the sqm, sorry for the writing I'm translating through Google Translate

Try putting the queue on the wan interface instead of the lan.

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or me not to struggle on my journey of understanding scripts, for me to edit a script I have to have the sqm-scripts package or luci-app-sqm. I installed only the sqm-script package and not luci-app-sqm, or it has nothing to do with it.

At this point, I'd like to suggest that the thread be focused on one topic or the other.

If you need to be able to edit scripts and you need help with the method of editing (not the content/syntax of the script itself), the current title makes sense, and we should keep the discussoin focused on that.

However, if you're now able to edit the files (via a text editor or the LuCI web interface), and now you're trying to understand how to configure it (so the content of the scripts/config files), we should close this thread and you can open a new one specific to setting up SQM.

BTW, if you haven't done so already, please see the documentation on SQM