I did a factory reset and broke something

I did a factory reset (duh) on my OpenWrt (v19) router (Linksys AC1200) and now I can't connect to Luci. On a wired connection (connected to port 1), I am able to ping

I would like to flash it with OpenWrt (21.02.1), not sure how to do that? I am only familiar with the Luci interface.

How do I get Luci back or connect in some way and flash?

If you have a windows PC you can use putty to log in to your router using SSH. Login at
User name will be root
Then your password
Then you should type "opkg update"
Then next type "opkg install luci-ssl"
Then you will be able to log in to luci again using
Then you can sysupgrade from the upgrade page in luci.


Yes, this is part of my problem. I get the following when trying to SSH in:

ssh: Connect to host port 22: Connection refused

Should be

(Might be a forum typo, but as it looks like copy paste of the error, it might be a typo in the ssh command)

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A few things, yes the was a typo in the post, my bad.

I can now SSH into my router. When defining my wired connection from my laptop to port 1 on the router, I had configured - Address: Netmask Gateway, this did not work.

I then configured - Address: Netmask Gateway, this works, I do not understand why?

Your laptop can't have the same IP address as the router,
Laptop needs to be another address from the same subnet 192.168.1.x, so is fine.

The Linksys WRTs are dual partition routers. You can simply boot from the 2nd partition and flash a new firmware onto the broken partition.

Check the Power Switch method in the Firmware Recovery Section.

Thanks, I have my router working now. The problem was mostly my own ignorance.

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