I bricked a router (TP-Link AC1750)

I had the openWRT firmware up and running but lost track to all the different changes I was making so I want to flash back to stock and reinstall.

The important thing was this wasnt a main router but part of a series of 4 routers I have brought over the years that I plan on using to build up a network and learn about IT tech. Right now, which is off-topic, is that I have the Linksys 1900ac routet which I cant seem to get ddwrt onto it.

I flashed it back but it appeared to hang up on the flashing status animation then I did the forbidden act of unplugging it under the impression that the web page indicator I had opened was just cached.

And since of that I have no way to accessing the router.

Now I have seen that there is an unbricking page but it looks like I will have to open the router and potentially solder on some wires to hook into raspberryPi, which I have plenty of so no problem.

Also for future reference can I potentially download the firmware, run it on a virtual machine to build and test it before I finally upload to router?

There is firstboot command as well as "Restore to defaults" option in Luci for that.

I'd be very surprised if that was an option.

Which exact model and version? There is more than one called the "AC1750".

If the router still pulls firmware by tftp method then the bootloader is intact and u can unbrick it, no need for serial cable yet.

Based off what you've said is it possible to do the ddwrt trick with the power cycling and 2 seconds to get back into stock?


Archer A7 ver 5.8


I will look into that now thank you.


I looked into what you suggested, so I hooked into ethernet and the LAN would not indicate anything was connected so this may go into serial.

Also my laptop OS is Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

This variant is possible only on dual firmware routers. Otherwise you cannot just go back to OEM firmware.