Hue bridge brick after update

Dear All,

New on this forum. Focus on it since my hue bridge has been bricked by an update !
I am able to connect on it throughout serial and saw that kernel openwrt fail.
Only uboot work.
So I followed GitHub topic to generate new kernel with official sources with root.bin and overlay.bin

Using uboot and tftp I rewrite kernel, root and overlay.
Now device boot but it is not ok, I mean I have a consol on busy box. No more.
I not able to communicate thought telnet, ssh or else. I wanted to use sysupgrade to update firmware. But impossible to ping and send firmware on the board.

It seem that no IP parameters recognised. I tried to fix it on /etc/config/network but always the same : no interface found.

Could you help me to solve this trouble and how to save the board with official firmware.fw2 downloaded or custom firmware ?
I am new at this debug level but I don’t want to give up and trash the board only because update failled (network trouble during the update...)

I can provide a log file or the kernel.
Or what kind of information you need ?
I have root acces on the bridge.
I think I need to solve the IP et network service trouble before all ? Then flash firmware with sysupgrade ?

Best regards

Not officially supported by openwrt, ask the image creator for support.

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