Huawei HG655B Dead

Hi everyone

I have a Huawei HG655B Board, HG655BRZ Ver A, it has been working great since I flashed Firmware HG655b-B025 in 2015, a few days ago it suddenly died, I noticed that All LEDs went off except for the last one to the right (either USB or VOIP)
I restarted the router using the side switch, hoping it will work but it didn't (All LEDs were off)
I tried Unbufferd Paralled Jtag cable that I had made, USBASP BRJTAG and I have tried many debrick utilities, the cpu is detected BCM6368 but the flash is never detected, I have triple checked the connections but no luck, the flash chip is S29GL064N, I don't know if it's supported by any of the debrick utilities I have tried(Zjtag 1.5-Brjtag 1.9o-Brjtag 2.0.5- Zjtag 1.0-Zjtag 1.8RC3). I have checked the voltages on different sections of the router board all seems ok 12v, 5V 3.3V 3V 1.25V, I have tried to backup flash with manual selection /fc:82 the closest one on most of the utilities was S29GL064M, I have attached the bin file I hope if anyone could check it, surprisingly its not empty. I have changed all the Capacitors ,removed the heatsink and re flowed the BCM6368 Chip still no luck, only the processor is identified (All LEDs off) and nothing on the serial connection !Is it a hardware brick or soft brick ?!

This doesn't look like OpenWrt.

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No it isn't, but I have tried OpenWrt back at then in 2014, with my Sagem Fast 2804 and HG655B

Any help would be greatly appreciated