Huawei HG556a with LEDE

Anyone tried using LEDE on HG556a?

Since LEDE doesnt have a stable build (like openwrt does) so I consider all of this as a trunk builds.

I read on OpenWRT's wiki page on HG556 hardware table. It says that

Development version ↔ BUGS, updates. WARNING!!! trunk versions seem no longer fixed, don't use it because probably will permanently brick your router!!!.

So can I assume that flashing LEDE on this router will brick it for good?

Currently running it with OpenWRT CC 15.05.1

Just do it... AFAIK, HG556a is impossible to brick :joy:

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It's totally safe to flash LEDE snapshots on the HG566a, either by installing via CFE bootloader web interface or upgrading via Openwrt/LEDE itself.

Upgrading via Openwrt/LEDE is always totally safe.

Upgrading via CFE an Openwrt snapshot could brick the router (only recoverable via JTAG). It turns out that the bootloader modified by Huawei can destroy itself if you use a bad firmware, with bad info in the header for flashing on the first block (where the bootloader lives).


thanks for the replies guys.

currently upgraded via openwrt to LEDE and it works just fine. :slight_smile:

was hoping for it to be able to fix the deauth issue with hostapd on some devices (it works on some devices just fine), but still the issue persists in every firmware :frowning: it was fixed by just using the stock firmware, using openwrt/lede breaks the wifi, the funny thing is, this issue seems to persist on atheros chipset, but as soon as I used my ralink wifi USB, issues immediately gone.


Any news about the Router and some current builds with the latest Kernel? I used to get all informations from the colleagues at (Link)

I used their Tutorial to build my own Images... but that needs to be updated for LEDE.

Have a look

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