HTTPs Reverse proxy

What are the best packages to provide OpenWRT with a reverse proxy?

The need is to receive HTTPs requests which would be forwarded to an application listening only on HTTP.

Nginx, of course


Is there anything smaller?

Do I read correctly or the nginx package is only 238kb?

But my previous question is till valid I think, is there anything yet smaller?

socat, note that it's a layer-4 proxy and the offical source socat doesn't come with SSL support, you have to build it by yourself.

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If you're not going to go with nginx (or similar), you're probably better off hardening your own code.

Which basically means you should consider both your router and your server "disposable" and compromised at all times.

If size is an issue on your router, port-forward to a "real" device running nginx. That's likely a better approach in any situation. Unrelated application software really shouldn't be running on a router / firewall exposed to the Internet.