Https-dns-proxy vs stubby

Hi everyone,

are there any advantages why one of those packages should be used over the other one?

I am aware of the differences between DoT and DoH so let's please focus on the tools itself.

-ability to specify the TLS version that should be used
-doesn't open a new encrypted connection for every single dns query
-dnssec validation not completely dependent on dnsmasq-full
-round robin for all resolvers

-luci integration

Is there anything more to consider?
Stubby seems to be more flexible, but what do you think about the performance of those two?

If you configure dnsmasq with "allservers" option, it should also send requests to all configured DoH instances/upstream resolvers.

I'd like to thank you for making me aware of stubby. I had tried using https-dns-proxy a couple of months ago on a 19.07 snapshot but ran into an issue where it would randomly peg the CPU on my router (50% each for the Cloudflare and Google instances) and eventually get killed by the OOM reaper. I gave it a try again after 19.07 since it was a more recent version but the problem is still there.

Stubby is faster for me. I have both configured on my travel router and can easily switch between the two, but stubby is a default for now.

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Thank you everyone for your answers!

Do you know if https-dns-proxy supports encrypted SNI?
Stubby doesn't seem to support it (yet).

If you don't mind using DoT instead of DoH then I guess stubby is a nice solution.

Do you also use DNSSEC?
Performance of stubby is good so far, but I enabled dnsmasq to do the DNSSEC validation and it got much slower - still nothing to worry about.

I don't have DNSSEC enabled now.

Neither will, because ESNI operates independently of DNS proxies/resolvers. It is established between the requesting client and the web server. See here for more information.

My last information was that there were plans to integrate it into stubby, but as I just found out now this is all at early stage and far from finished:
So from my understanding it is just not possible (yet) because there is no support in OpenSSL?

Seems stubby is more reliable too. I get some failures using DOH, stubby just works without problems.

My https-dns-proxy would randomly freeze up to, I think it had something to do with libcurl, but I got it to work with no more errors by adding option use_http1 '1' to /etc/config/https-dns-proxy