Htmode: The WiFi Channel Width

Hi, today I tried to figure out what does it mean htmode and there wasn't any information in OpenWrt Wiki.
So I collected information from different sources and created this chapter

Can anyone review it and add details?
Especially for me it's still not clear what does it mean "1,+1" notation described here

Also it would be great to describe somehow that best channels to choice are 1,6 and 11.
But then for me it's not clear why auto mode doesn't use them and takes lowest free channel instead

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WiFi standard allows 10, 20, 22, 40, 80 и 160 MHz but 10MHz is not used anymore

  • 5 and 10 MHz still works on Atheros devices.

Devices should detect interference when using 40MHz, and drop back to 20MHz.


Information about the 3 non-overlapping channels could be added?

This question has been brought up in the threads before.

Please make your changed in OpenWrt wiki. The reason why I asked you to do this is because I'm not familiar with WiFi so I just don't know how it works and how to describe this

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  • The information about 5 and 10 MHz already in the Wiki under the config page
  • Also, though I have login access, I'm not quite sure how to "save" Wiki pages

I wasn't aware this was directed to an individual, I solicit the whole community to contribute to your thread!

  • The information about channels 1, 6 and 11 being non-overlapping is quite common knowledge about 2.4 GHz WiFi. Perhaps we can add this from Wikipedia:

  • Also, I just found this thread:
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wikipedia image is not clear for me and hard to understand. For me this article with illustrations was more clear

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