Howto Upgrade the preinstalled OpenWRT (LEDE 17.01) firmware in the GL-AR300M router?

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I have received my new AR-300M and when it boots the first time has the LEDE 17.01 firmware preinstalled. It boots from NAND Flash by default.

I have been looking between the options of LEDE and not have found the option to configure Parental Control. I suppose that this firmware not bring this option and I need to install the OpenWRT 18.06 firmware that there is in the OpenWRT page.

Well, I unknow if here there have anybody that have experience with this router and my doubts are:

  • There is any way to add the Parental Control option to the preinstalled firmware installing a module?

  • I have viewed in the OpenWRT page that OpenWRT can't be installed in the NAND Flash of the GL-AR300M and only can be installed in the Nor Flash.

  • There hasn't way yet?

  • If not, can anybody tell me wich will be the way to install the original OpenWRT 18.06.1 firmware in the Nor Flash?

  • Can I switch temporally or permanently between NAND Flash and Nor Flash?

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Regarding parental controls:

Regarding sysupgrade: GL-AR300M sysupgrade Problem

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Tmomas, very thanks by your answer.

Yes, I know that the howto for configure the Parental Control is there but my problem is that the OpenWRT firmware that brings this router it hasn't the option of Parental Control and I ask if I need to install, for example, a module to appear this option or if the only way to appear this option is to install the OpenWRT 18.06.1 firmware that there is in the OpenWRT page.

Yes, I have viewed this but I ask if nobody has installed the OpenWRT 18.06.1 in the NAND Flash of this router yet.

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There is nothing to install. I have seen this on all versions of OpenWrt - exists in versions: 14, 15, 17 and 18.