Howto install OpenWrt on Asus RP-N53

This is promising. Perhaps if we install a header first then connecting the cable becomes easier. And, we can use these headers even later on.

I installed openWRT successful with this good manual. For flashing i used TFTP with Win10 and static ip Disable win10 firewall-or it will not work. I used USB FTDI with 3.3V (VCC not connected with the ASUS!) and RX / TX / GND. Open the RP-N53 case with plastic-handy-tools or you will scratch it..
Question: Is there any chance for a working 5Ghz WLAN? Only 2.4Ghz isn't enough.

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In case anyone is still interested in flashing the OpenWRT to the RP-N53, you can just use the Asus Recovery Utility. No disassembly or soldering necessary.

Open the utility on a Windows computer. Point to the OpenWRT firmware. Connect the unit with an ethernet cable directly to the computer. Plug the unit in the wall while holding the reset button. Release the button when the leds start to blink. The flashing process then starts. You can do the same to revert to the Asus firmware.

Hope this helps!


thank god for that...

if this device contains full AC within it as it appears to... there are some serious safety issues involved here documenting hardware modifications without warnings... ( or at all )... death or serious injury can result from poking around in such areas... and i'm sure we don't want to be responsible for this happening to our userbase?

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