Howto disable ethernet ports

I only want to use the wireless of my router. how I can disable the wired-ports of the router?

pull the cable(s) ?

No, I cant ...
Better idea? I can do ist by script ...

nm, probably a bad idea :wink:

how I do that?

My idea is ... put the interfaces down ...

that would be ifup and ifdown

I have 4 ports on the router ...

ifconfig eth0 down

works well ( I hope, I cant confirm that )
but when I do this:

ifconfig eth1 down

ifconfig: SIOCGIFFLAGS: No such device

but I know, there are 4 ports ... Is it possible to down all by one cli-command?

You can disable the LAN interface group, which will stop traffic flowing.

If you’re trying to disable the physical interfaces I’d think you need to edit the dts and remove the Ethernet entries.

Better question is why? Seems like a lot of hassle for interfaces you’re not using.

When I disable br-LAN ( in the luci-interface) , I can get access with wlan, as well?

Thats doents matter ...

Well that sounds super sketchy. I’m out.

It would be easier to deassign the ports you don't need from the lan network interface, than looking for ways to disable them.


What device are we talking about ?
My idea would be to remove the LAN ports from all VLANs on the switch.
Is your device swconfig or DSA ?

Yes just de-assign them from all networks, or place in a VLAN that leads nowhere. If someone plugs into the port they would get an Ethernet carrier but it won't pass any packets anywhere. There usually isn't an easy way to fully down switch ports to a no carrier condition. Direct to CPU ports (such as on an x86) usually won't start if they are not in a bridge or network.

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I set CPU (eth0) in Luci-Network-Switch to "off". Thats do the job.

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