How to use WOL to wake up OpenWrt router

Most of the posts I've seen here and also information on the openwrt wiki talk about using openwrt as a WOL server to wake up other hosts.

If our Openwrt hardware has an RTC and several USB-to-ethernet adapters, is it possible to do this:

  1. OpenWRT router auto-shutdown on certain days at noon.
  2. Another server needs to connect to the internet at a set schedule will send a magic packet over LAN to wake up OpenWRT router; the OpenWRT router connects to the LAN via a USB-to-ethernet adapter.

Is this possible? Will USB power management on OpenWRT cause any issues? Thank you.

Depends on the hw, I'd say.

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Let's assume the hardware is compatible; is there a way to use UCI to set up Openwrt to wake up upon receiving a magic packet from a specific LAN interface? How do I configure what mac address/iface to listen on for the packet if I cannot setup via UCI?

I've never set up WOL before; so any pointers will be helpful. Thanks.

the network adapter must support WOL and be able to talk to the BIOS. In your case probably not.

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