How to use two multiple gateways in one subnet?

I want to setup reserve router with mwan3, both gateways in single network. For example, this (reserve) router will have address, and two routers which it will use - and In virtual machine I just can add multiple bridge adapters and assign address for each wan interface ( and, but how to do multiple interfaces on single port on real router?
I also tried make VLANs, but it is not working.
VLAN config:


It's not surprising that routing isn't working, with those subnet masks.

Your LAN, WAN1 and WAN2 addresses are all in the same subnet from the perspective of the routing table:


And? They can't use gateway in same network?

Your machine has no idea whether to route the packet to the LAN, WAN1 or WAN2.

You're telling it that all three are valid routes. You need to subnet properly.


can you draw a diagram of your network with the routers and the gateways and their ip addresses?


If you don't have Visio or similar, I can recommend from experience (see my profile.)


Found workaround by using wireguard on both 'main' routers

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