How to use SCP to transmit without asking?

When using SCP to transfer files in linux, there will always be " is not in the trusted hosts file."
How to avoid this problem when using command?
I don't want to install other programs to proceed, I hope it can be presented through scp.


The question should only be asked once.

And it's a scp client side 'issue', not openwrt.

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When you connect the first time the host fingerprint would be stored in .ssh/known_hosts if that is not happening you need to check the client.


Can't it be like "ssh -y" ? -- don't perform any remote host key checking

Googled/Tried man scp ?


yes, I tried scp -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no and other options, but it didn't work
it only work from windows.

I use ssh-keyscan to fetch the public key. I have the following commands in a setup script I use:

ssh-keyscan -H $host,$ip4 >> ~/.ssh/known_hosts
ssh-keyscan -H $host >> ~/.ssh/known_hosts
ssh-keyscan -H $ip4 >> ~/.ssh/known_hosts

Refer to the man page. I'm including the security section below:

Security: If an ssh_known_hosts file is constructed using ssh-keyscan without verifying the keys, users will be vulnerable to man in the middle attacks. On the other hand, if the security model allows such a risk, ssh-keyscan can help in the detection of tampered keyfiles or man in the middle attacks which have begun after the ssh_known_hosts file was created.