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Hi Guys,
For now, on my phone i am using adguard DNS and it's working fine, i need to configure the same with openwrt without installing adguard.
Ref screenshot attached

Please advise

Thanks in advance.

Install https-dns-proxy?
Or is the setting for DoT, not DoH ?

Thanks, @frollic ,
The requirement is just block ads, nothing else.
Please advise accordingly.


What difference does it make ?

And you're not answering the question.

Yes, it's for DoT,
No Idea about http-dns-proxy, it will be good if you can share the steps or any article for the same.


Or you just install the package, and figure it out yourself.

Just make sure that Adguard dns supports DoH.

Means, it will not work simply as it's working in mobile. Mobile has simple configuration where i just added it as private DNS and it's working. Same i want with openwrt so every connected divice can take advantage.

Kindly advise a simple solution, or a reference link which will be really helpful.

Your help is very much appreciated


Add this as dns to WAN / DHCP:

It's Adguard dns.

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