How to use DHCP for wifi interface

How do I get an IP address over wifi on a laptop?

I think I have everything configured apart from running dhcp.

This is my story so far about getting the correct drivers etc.

How to setup wifi connection on a laptop - #56 by balanga.

Please note I am unable to use LUCI.

That's the default behavior, if it doesn't work, you screwed up your config.

NOT running a DHCP probably doesn't help though, then you'll need a static IP on the client, or a DHCP elsewhere in your LAN.

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My broadband router runs DHCP and my only means of accessing it is via wifi.

If I've screwed something up, how can I tell where? Is there some log which will tell me what has been going on?

If I give my laptop a static IP will it automagically connect to the router?

It'll probably be in /etc/config/network, unless the issue's with the wifi, not the IP.
It also depends on how you'd like it to connect, static or DHCP, both will work.

That's a good place to continue it.This is also why the orginal thread can be use instead of this duplicate thread.

I would like to automatically connect to the wifi router via DHCP on booting. I guess I'll try static if I can't get it working.

I know the wifi works fine because I have no problem connecting when booting FreeBSD which uses wpa_supplicant.conf to provide connection details.

I take it that OpenWrt does not use wpa_supplicant.conf since I haven't seen any mention of it.

That was a long thread which was initially about getting the correct drivers installed, and that problem has been resolved, so it's pointless going over the whole thread.