How to upgrade sunxi sdcard installations?


I am running OpenWRT on a sunxi target (Lamobo R1, I am using it as switch) using the sdcard-squashfs image and I am wondering how to upgrade this installation properly. Since there is no sysupgrade image, I am not sure whether upgrading over luci is possible.

The "cumbersome" way that would certainly work but which I would like to avoid would be:

  • backup the configuration
  • pull out the sdcard
  • dd-write the new image
  • put sdcard back in, boot up
  • restore the configuration

So - is there any better way to accomplish this?

Cheers, Daniel

Partly answering myself: I tried the sysupgrade via Luci, uploading the squashfs-Image. This seems to have worked! However, available RAM dropped by about 30 MB, so I assume the upgrade was done on the overlay.