How to upgrade Netgear R6220

Hi to everybody. I've recently flashed a Netgear R6220 with 18.06.4, installing it through telnet. Everything worked fine. Now I would like to upgrade the firmware but the upgrade file is a single .tar file containing three different files with no extension: CONTROL, Kernel and Root.
Somebody can give me any suggestion how to use these three files? There are not clear instructions inside the dedicated OpenWrt router's page.
Thanks in advance for any support.

Why do you want to "upgrade" from 18.06.4 to 18.06.4?

it's the so called "Firmware OpenWrt Upgrade" file, after the "Firmware OpenWrt Install"

The simple answer is don't decompress it. It is used as it was downloaded.

It's not possible to use a compressed file for flashing the router. LUCI interface is not accepting it and I suppose I would brick the router trying to 'force' it from console.

What error do you get on the command line when trying to upgrade using the file?
You may need to turn up the verbosity.

This is the print screen of the error message.

What about the command line?
I don't know anything about this particular device, but if there's been a change to the supported devices field this could just be a warning.

I've upgraded the firmware using the available now OpenWrt snapshot upgrade:

Everything's seems working fine.

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