How to upgrade Kernel from 5.10.83 to 5.11.5 in OpenWrt image for Rpi 4b?

Hi there,

I am using OpenWrt for Rpi 4B so get the OpenWrt repository from git-hub compiled it and generate the image for Rpi 4B and loaded successfully now the question is how can i upgrade the kernel version from 5.10.83 to 5.11.5,
waiting for your kind suggestion


how good are you with patches?

you'll need to find/copy/edit/create/test a few hundred patches to do that...


Hi @anon50098793,

Thanks for the valuable reply,

I am not enough good with the patch but i just want to know where can i find the 5.11.5 config file and all patches for 5.11.5 for download, is there any link for download or something.


this is a setting under the target folder (target/linux/bcm27xx) no work really needed...

ask the pi-fountation for their half? and create the rest ( well 5.11 is not too to massive a jump... likely a fair but of stuff laying around )

then maybe hire someone or wait for some official bumps?

seriously tho... you'll have much better chances of success if you limit yourself just to rasp(ian|os) or similar full distro where user kernel compilation is more common...