How to upgrade 15.05 release source to snapshot

how to upgrade source after the solved to snapshot. With Git? Or there is some special script for that?

Have you looked in the LEDE Developers Guide?

I've seen this before, yes. There are many links on this doc, I just do not see a useful for this case. Do you?

Before I make a thread, I try to use the search line. Unfortunately, there is almost nothing close enough.

I do not think I'm alone with these problems. But it is my job now for my project.

Thank you very much for your help.

Part of being a developer is struggling through stuff, trying different solutions, re-doing your code, and testing at every phase.

It is not a hand-holding job.

My Job is very simple - I need a firmware for Oolite 8.0 dev Board. It is not on official toh, I have only 15.05 release with this profile from manufacture. Do you have an Idea, what is the best way? How to get a snapshot with this profile?

It seems you would need to build a custom image.

I got several hits when I did a Google search for how to create image from openwrt 15.05

I make software development since 1984 and hardware since 1995. Also I did made production, sale and service as owner of my own company as well. All of this in one person. You as well? But it is nice, you clear me about it again.

Do you not like, I try to help an openwrt project to have a better documentation and found right solutions?

Check my threads please, all solutions I have found out self. With you help, yes. I am very thankful for that. So you think, I am too lazy? Yes, my be.

And I know as well, my customers will be more lazy as me. They will just buy another router with better firmware and customer service.

I got several hits when I did a Google search for how to create image from openwrt 15.05

Check pls

I am really try all the ways. How a developer makes all the time.

I haven't seen your documentation, so I don't know if I like it or not, or whether they are "right solutions".

I have no opinion on that topic.

Also, I never said you were lazy...but it does seem that you are quick to post for an answer.

Time is money. At least for me. But if it is important, I let me time for research, check and testing.

A lot of lyrics. I still need a solution. So, If you have no idea and I as well, my be just look for an other way. If I define a new profile in snapshort source (this long way still possible, I can compile snapshots, see my another thread), is it possible to take over it in official toh? What is a protocol for that? We will have an own router and will need it in any case.

Probably a Community Build...

Thanks, I will check it.