How to unlock 6GHz channels for MT7922


In our country, 6GHz has not been approved yet. However, I just want to play or research. So I bought a MT7922 card(m.2), which supports 2.4GHz/5GHz/6GHz. But the 6GHz channels are disabled according to the output of "iw list". So I checked the MT7622 driver(driver/net/wireless/mediatek/mt76/mt7922). Seems that:
(1) For ACPI devices, latest code uses ACPI to get the country, then decides to enable 6GHz or not.
(2) For non-ACPI devices, I'm checking.

In both cases, I think we have methods to unlock 6GHz, but the methods should be different. Does anyone know ? I don't mind to patch the driver or hack/break something.


Then you can't use it, it's as simple as that. If you had a shielded rf/ hf test lab and the mandatory certifications, you wouldn't ask this question anyways.


In fact, according to the information I collected, the policy is not very strict. Also I can adjust the RF power and may test/use in small countryside where few people live.

Regulatory bodies tend to see that differently and clamp down hard on offenders. The mess we're currently in, with vendors increasingly closing the doors for opensource has been caused by an epidemic spread of users ignoring regulatory laws. Military, weather services, telephony providers, satellite operators often have a different view on this (as they pay dearly for frequency access) - and they know whom to call for enforcement.


OK, sounds this is not a tech topic for public discussion. Thanks.

Perhaps your country has been added recently and not yet in OpenWrt, I'm using usb wifi adapter mt7921u cf951ax on master branch for the 6ghz band in Canada, not all devices and OS support the 6 ghz band, I had tested working in windows 11, pixel 7, on ubuntu the lastest wpa supplicant need to be installed.

It's as simple as that being completely untrue.

Not required. Judicious use of even mediocre quality cable and a dummy load will prevent emissions to the point they are below the noise floor (from tempest emissions of local computer equipment).

Not required. Oscillation at radio frequencies is not restricted anywhere. Only the release of RF energy is.

Expertise with RF and setting up a proper dummy load does not imply expertise in wi-fi drivers and their country selection logic and restrictions databases. I know because I also have the former and not the latter.

Answer the question or don't answer the question as your capability, desire, and even personal ethics allow. The soapboxing, however, is not required.

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