How to unbrick mi router 4c

yesterday I bricked my mi router 4c. I was trying to flash OpenWrt by following this article. after the flash, my router stopped working and the yellow light is blinking continuously.
I followed this link to unbrick my router. but it didn't work.
can anyone guide me to debrick my router?
thanks in advance.

so there are several things not said in the video...
for one the first time around i used the wan port and it kinda didn't work...
the config that loaded first in the tool for me was a ip and that might have been an instant success but i've tried multiple times because it never states success.
the lights don't blink diffrent and windows won't really tell you about connecting diffrently.
the only way i know it worked was when there was a diffrent device in the log that also had the ip.

to make sure it worked i set the network adapter back to dhcp (auto) in windows and unpluged the usb network card. than ip config gave me a 192.168.31.x adress showing me that it worked. though i'd also like to add that the supplied firmware is chinese so you might wanna switch that an international one from the wiki if you can't navigate the ui in chinese

1-disable wifi
2-set network adapter IP address to
3-run pxesrv.exe program
4-select firmware miwifi_r4cm_firmware 3.0.16_ENG_2.bin
5-connect cable between LAN 1 and PC
5-Press hold pressing reset button untill orange light blink
6-click on online in program
Wait untill blue led blink then reboot router.
tested 100%

in my case:

  1. disable Win10 firewall and virus protection
  2. use IP and mask
  3. run pxesrv.exe program, select the server IP first