How to turn off USB modem's wifi via openwrt router and only use the USB modem's ethernet

Need help.

Trying to turn off the USB modem's WiFi on boot connected to my TP-Link TL-MR3020 v3 router.

I used instructions here to install the Coconut WUD04 4G Dongle


If ttyusb mode is supported (it usually is not, the modem is "pure Ethernet"), it will be a separate driver.

Pure Ethernet modems are configured using a web interface built into the modem and accessed by IP over the virtual Ethernet. Attach the usb0 to a network of proto dhcp client. The modem will advertise itself as the gateway on that network.

After plugging the modem in, in the log right after "New high speed USB device" you should see another entry where the CDC driver claims the modem and instantiates the virtual port. Note the name that the driver assigned, as the port is not always called usb0. For example it could be ethX where X is one more than the last Ethernet port already present.

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usb-modeswitch has nothing to do with that. Mode switching refers to some devices having a self install feature where when first plugged in they act as a CD drive with a Windows driver file on it. usb-modeswitch switches the device over to modem mode instead of CD mode.

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You may want to ask here:

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Excellent. So when they contact you, explain to them your operating system (OpenWrt) doesnt have a graphical user interface (GUI) - and how disable the WiFi as you desire.

(TBH, I would think they could devise a Curl-based script or something to log in and disable it - but they should know how, they're the manufacturer. At minimum, they should know other ways to access the device.)

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