How to turn LAN ports only router to use 4g

what is the way to turn LAN ports router to use 4g network on mobile
which gadget should i buy ??

use old cellphone ? if your device have an USB port.

or just connect to the phones wifi, with your router.

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using app? can you recommand budget router which good performance ?
i dont need to buy 4g router right.just use wifi only?

You need a router with an USB port. Connect the phone to the USB, add some packages to the router.
Than connect your devices to the router with LAN of wifi. It works well.
Which router ? Any low-end should do considering the low bandwith given by 4G (I mean compared to a Gbit/s fiber).

Routers have daemons running, not witch (just kidding, I know it's just a typo error, but it was funny to read).

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Not entirely true, however advisable.

Connecting a wifi router to the cell phone's wifi, and retransmitting the signal should work too.

And no, no app is required, in any of the setups.


I agree on this other way. My idea was that any wire link is more reliable than a radio link. Furthermore, the cellphone will power charge itself through the USB in the meantime.

Yup x 2, but if you don't already own a router with an USB port, it's a working temp solution.