How to tunnel all client traffic though SOCKS5 proxy?

I couldn't find anything significant on google.
How could I route all my router traffic(LAN or wireless) through a SOCKS5 proxy? Abort all traffic if proxy is unavailable.
How to make it easier to change proxies in admin panel of openwrt router?
Is it possible to make a separate page in openwrt admin panel of my router where I can load my list of socks5 proxies, check them for availability and make one of them active like select-apply button?

Basically, you can't. SOCKS5 is a Layer 7 solution (i.e. the config is set in clients). I "thought" it was possible...then thought "something" has to forward the traffic to said "proxy", sound like a VPN? :smiley:

Also, this proxy (as noted above) only works for connections initiating from the OpenWrt.

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I just had the same question and found this thread. According to it seems to be possible. Haven't tried it yet. Maybe not all required packages are readily available in/for OpenWrt. But at least conceptually it seems doable in Linux.

thanks for sharing Information. This Link offers a tutorial for shadowsocks, socks5 is different. Is there any thing for socks5