How to timeout firewall rules?

Can firewall rules in
be timed-out?

I would like a firewall rule in luci to be enabled at rooter bootup, and then disabled after 5 minutes.

Rather than spread your questions over the rest of the board, it would be appreciated if you kept them on your thread so that others can see the context of your question and determine how best to answer you.

And another one on the same topic that you've started

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The context was definitely necessary...since the OP wants to run a time-based program to allow NTP before the device receives time via NTP. The OP keeps devising chicken-and-the-egg issues for themselves (e.g. an Internet-connected router needs a real-time-clock despite NTP) attempting to raise a Wireguard VPN tunnel in fears of "leaking" traffic.

Two very unhelpful posts, with totally wrong assumptions. I hope there are helpful people on this board who could help with the question posted rather then bash around from other posts that do not turn out the way replyers want.

Please stick to one thread:

So in context of MANY OTHER THREADS YOU KEEP MAKING... do you intend to use this rule on a device without a Real Time Clock that needs time to setup an encrypted tunnel?


Since you don't's relevant, because, you keep making threads that create RACE CONDITIONS after you debate nobody helps you! You seem like a troll.

(I bolded the word "time" to make sure that it was clear I was on topic. The time is relevant to why the OP continually wishes to solve technical issues that relate to raising a Wireguard interface while tiring to fireawall WAN. If this is regarding something else, OP as refused to further describe in multiple threads the need OP wishes to solve.)

How about you clearly describe what you want, without leading people into Race Conditions?

@lleachii you do your best to be 0 helpful and completely off topic. To me it is starting to look like you hack the threads in such ways so no one who may want to help actually dares.

It would be lovely if an admin could clean the thread to revert to the original question, and delete the off-topic posts deterring from it.

You may wish to look at the main thread. I again answered your question, exactly as requested. We're about to take a non-monetary wager to see how long it takes you to say I didn't answer you again.

Seems like another answered question to me, I guess you preferred me to lie and say yes the firewall rules could time out. Sorry. Unless you can clarify if the router has an RTC, that's the best answer.

Postsers keep on cross referencing to another topic which has no relation to original question in this thread, hopefully thread can be cleaned by an admin.

You can use cron to achieve what you want.